Android Market Vs Apple App Store

Posted in Thursday, 19 January 2012
by Unknown

It has been discussed much recently about the differences between Apple iPhone and Google Android phones. While these arguments usually concentrate on the operating system, user friendliness and materials rarely described the differences between the Android market against Apple app store. There are a number of differences between the two, some of the imported users and others who are first and foremost for developers in particular end.

Open vs. closed system. The biggest single difference between the Android market and Apple app store is the difference between open and closed system. Apple system is a closed. Applications need to Apple for review and Apple finally decides what they can or can not be sold in the Apple app store. However, the Android market is an open system. Developers can directly publish your applications, be filtered on the market without a central authority. This means that Android market probably have a wider range of applications and content, but users have to accept that the applications are not projected. It is a defined in foreign trade. Android market support an evaluation and community comments section allows that, however, poorly constructed the buffer against the or malicious applications.

Refunds. Another big difference between the Apple's app store and Android market numbers applications. The first allows a refund an end user by uninstalling the application 24 hours after purchase. This makes much more insurance companies, end users, to buy an application. If you buy an application that does not work correctly or not to meet their needs to uninstall period of 24 hours and you will receive a full refund. Apple app store provides no refunds for applications, and tested the applications from Apple, be always cautious buyer. Make sure that an application is their needs rather than what you bought.

Rate of the opening of the developer. Another peculiarity that distinguishes two stores is on as a developer. Android market costs $25, as the register developer. This fee can publish their applications on the market. Apple app store costs $99, to be a developer. Please note that this tax does not mean that you add the application to the app store. Does not guarantee all requests for the adoption of the payment of the royalty Apple reviews that your application will be published. The two markets charge 30% of sales registration fee. Apple keeps this 30%, while Google pays 30% for wireless operators. This enhanced cooperation lead can and adopted by the operators of wireless for Android.

Competition. For a developer trying to get a new Répétitons application, there is less competition in the Android market. Android market hosts about 20 000 applications, while in the app store by Apple more than 100,000 applications. There is much more space for new and innovative applications on the Android market.

There are a number of differences between the Android app store from Apple. Some of these differences, the developers and other end users. Is an open system and offers refunds to end users make the Android market, a huge benefit to end users. Opening offers a wider variety of the offer and the possibility of refund try a paid implementation a low risk of the company. For developers of Android offerings are lower cost and a sand with many less than competition from take to start.